Getting Construction Work Completed Quickly

Construction workers are notorious for being slow; they will miss deadline after deadline, pushing them back and are extremely hard to get a hold of again if for some reason they stop work in the middle of a project and disappear. Labour laws have made things slightly better, but not much. If you are in a hurry to get some construction project up and running soon, you will need the work done at top speed so here are some tips to get things going.

Negotiate Payment

If you have hired a construction company or contractor you might have to pay a lump sum up front. But from there on out there are various options for you to take. Contractors will push for day or weekly wages, as that benefits them. Instead, settle on a per square feet payment, where you pay them according to how many square feet of construction has been completed during the day or week. This way, you will motivate the construction workers to work harder and faster as the more they work, the more they get paid and the sooner they can leave and look for another job. Paying them per day or week only gives them more excuses to lengthen the process.

 Offer to Pay for the Small Stuff they Need

Technically, the construction company or contractor/s is supposed to provide the workers with repairs, health care, food etc. although some workers bring their own. Sometimes however, there may be repairs required to equipment which cannot be repaired until the company comes through and provides the materials. In such cases, if they are holding up the process too long, offer to bear the cost of it and get it repaired in order for work to recommence. For instance, if the bulldozer or caterpillar cannot operate without a few rubber track pads that have cracked, then pay for those and get things back on track.

This is ok as long as it’s something not too expensive like one or two mini excavator rubber tracks, but don’t get into the habit or you will end up paying for their lunches as well.

Have a Team B

If you have continuous problems with missed deadlines, constant repairs and other similar issues don’t be scared to break the contract you have with the construction team. In order to do so, make sure you do 2 things: write a clause into the contract that allows you to break it if construction is not going according to plan within reason. If every deadline you’ve set for the past 2 months have been missed, then it’s time to say good bye. Secondly, you should research and have ready a second construction company or team of builders who is willing to take over an unfinished project as you might have to give them a call.