How Do E-cigarette Batteries Work?

In recent years more and more chain smokers are switching to e-cigarettes for vaping since it is thought to deliver far less amount of toxins as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are now considered a better option since they are not just healthier but also more cost-effective. E-cigarettes work due to its various components which are a batter source, a tank that contains the essential burning vape juice in Melbourne, and an atomizer which is what produces the thick smoke that you inhale. E-cigarette Batteries are the major components of the vape device since vapes are an electronic device and like all electronic devices they work by the chemical conversion of electric power to another form of energy, in this case chemical energy. The conversion of the liquid juice to the atomized smoke is powered by the electric battery, but how is this made possible, how do these batteries work? To understand this, you must know:

What are the Batteries made from?

These batteries that power the vaporization of the liquid juice are made of lithium since lithium batteries are more likely to hold a charge for a longer period of time than an average battery. The special electric cells are powered by means of a chip or pressure sensor which is used to detect a change in the air-flow. The chip is used to detect the usage and immediately activate the mechanism. It heats up the heating coil and lights up the LED bulb that is often attached at the tip of the cigarette. The E-cigarette’s electric power source is re-charged using a USB powered cable that will transmit the electric power from the source. Some will also be charged by means of a device specific plug. This is basically what makes E-cigarettes so portable. You can easily charge them and carry them anywhere you want.

Types of E-cigarette batteries:

You might either have an Automatic E-cig vape battery in Melbourne or a manual battery installed in your E-cigarette device. If it is an automatic battery then it will immediately activate when you inhale the smoke. It has sensors installed that will send the electric signal to the heating coil when you inhale the air. The manual batteries often involve pushing down a button when you inhale. Manual batteries are usually larger in size than the automatic batteries, this is why the manual batteries are more useful for frequent smokers who want to take their e-cigarettes while they are traveling around. This is because these manual batteries will last for a longer period of time than the automatic batteries. With automatic batteries the sensors will immediately sense the air flow but the heating of the coil does take up time, this is why most vapours tend to prefer a manual battery powered e-cigarette since there is no delay in the smoke inhalation.