Some Tips For Buying Horse Float

horse floats

Looking for a horse float for sale in qld and buying a horse float may be a difficult experience. There is a great deal to consider! Because there are so many variables to consider, we can’t point to a single alternative and say, “This is the best horse float to buy.” Instead, we’ve put up a list of the top 10 things to think about and make decisions on before you buy something.


Horse trailers are often made of a variety of materials. The weight of your new trailer, the number of times you’ll have to maintain it, the type and expense of upkeep, and the cost of repairs are all things to think about. The sort of flooring you select will have an impact on how comfortable your horses are and how easy it is to keep them clean. Aluminium, Styrofoam, Wood Plated Iron, and hot-dipped galvanised steel are among the most common materials used.

Straight or angled loading

Horse owners are divided on the merits of straight and angle load floats. The size of your horses, your budget, and the float you pick will all influence your decision. You must analyse the benefits and drawbacks in order to choose what will work best for you.

On the interior, float height

The float’s minimum internal height will vary based on the horses being carried, although a conventional interior height of 2.2-2.3m is usually recommended. Keep in mind that this is a higher price than many other floats on the market. Check the entry height too though; sometimes floats have a ledge on the entryway that causes the horses’ heads to droop.


In a horse float, ammonium and carbon dioxide gases can build up, creating respiratory problems for your horses. It also traps heat from the horses and the sun, which may cause them to be scorched. Look for a float with side and back doors that can be left open.


When you’re nominating and reviewing probable acquisitions, inspect each trailer for safety hazards before you acquire it. Examine any exposed edges or metal elements, such as exposed screws, gate clasps, or shackles, that a horse can shy or crash into, resulting in damage. Examine the ground for any cracks where hooves may get entangled. Here’s where you may get a comprehensive list of details: Is it possible that your horse trailer may collide with another vehicle?

Design of a brake

The regulation standards for brakes might differ depending on the weight of the horse float. The two most prevalent varieties on sale are pneumatic and electric. Electric brakes with a controller are the safest option for your vehicle.

Suspension methods

There are a number of suspension options available to reduce the amount of jolting and rocking your horses are exposed to. Some horse owners favour rocker roller suspension, while others prefer to use torsional suspension. Air suspension is more expensive, but it is without a doubt the superior option.

Entry Methods

Although most horse floats for sale in Australia have a ramp to allow horses to access, some do have stairs. Ramps are normally simpler to navigate for horses, although they can be difficult to lift and lower. In the weather, keep an eye out for steep or slick ramps. If you use steps, make sure they are bordered with strong leather so your horses’ legs are protected if they slip or trip.

On the go accessories

Horse float accessories are now available to make your life easier for you and your equine buddies. A trailer camera that you can monitor from your automobile provides you peace of mind and ensures that you are aware of any possible trailer troubles as soon as they develop. A portable hot water tank with a shower connection not only allows you to have a hot shower wherever you may be, but this also makes removing dirt off horses’ forelimbs before it hardens a breeze. A mattress, kitchen, bathroom, and oven on board may make living a lot simpler in regions with limited or shared utilities.

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